• “I’m new to this, don’t have a real estate license, or any experience! Can ONE Flip work for me?”
  • “Can I REALLY run this business in my spare time? That sounds too good to be true.”
  • “After I invest in the ONE Flip training, what kind of budget do I need to make it work?”
  • “Will the ONE Flip System work in my city?”
  • “Will ONE Flip work for me?”
  • “Is there a money back guarantee?”


10 Action-Packed One Flip Coaching Classes – 10 One Flip coaching classes where I break down ALL 5 steps of the ONE Flip system into EASILY actionable instructions. These classes were carefully designed to provide the SIMPLICITY and CLARITY you need to generate your first, life-changing BIG profit flip… within the next 14 days!

    • MODULE 1: Finding Deeply Discounted Deals Part 1
    • MODULE 2: Finding Deeply Discounted Deals Part 2
    • MODULE 3: $200 Billion Dollar Invisible Bank: Compensation Drives Behavior​
    • MODULE 4: Equity Partnerships, Asset-Based Institutional Lenders + Alternative Forms of Funding​
    • MODULE 5: Private Money Secrets: Tax Free Wealth Building
    • MODULE 6: How to Use the Securities Laws to Your Advantage and Owner Financing​
    • MODULE 7: Outsourcing Improvements Part 1
    • MODULE 8: Outsourcing Improvements Part 2​​
    • MODULE 9: Property Launch Formula: Selling Houses in 2 Hours or LESS​
    • MODULE 10: Stress Free Closings


    • BONUS TRAINING CLASS 11: Triple Play Profit Strategy​

  • BONUS TRAINING CLASS 12: Freeland Ventures: Get All the Funding You Need​


  • BONUS 1: The “Optimized Lifestyle Design” Time Freedom Masterclass​
  • BONUS 2: “Deal Or No Deal” Profit Evaluation Coaching
  • BONUS 3: “Done For You” Invisible Bank Funding
  • BONUS 4: Unlimited Email And Phone Access To My Entire Team Of Expert Coaches
  • BONUS 5: Access To Our Private, “Dealmakers Only” Facebook Group
  • BONUS 6: A-Player Investor Hot Seat Interview Series
  • BONUS 7: High-ROI Remodeling Guide​
  • BONUS 8: The “Accountable Contractor” Care Package
  • BONUS 9: he “Cash Cow Alternate Exit Strategies” Coaching Class​
  • BONUS 10: FREE Ticket to the next LIVE Flip and Fund Summit​
  • BONUS 11: Track Your Cash Masterclass​


    • Coat Your Bank Acct With One HUGE DEAL​
    • Have A Better Marriage with Less Stress
    • See Your Kids All The Time And Watch Them Grow Up
    • Cash HUGE Consistent Paychecks
    • Have Financial Piece Of Mind

    • Fund An Entire Year Of Retirement, College Or Your Daughters Dream Wedding With One Deal.
    • Never Have To Chase The Latest Fad. This Never Changes!​
    • Never Answer To A Boss​
    • Never Have To Hit The Alarm Clock

    • Live Where Ever You Want In Any House You Want


“Many investors think big real estate profits are out of the question. $40k+ profits are NOT out of the question. I have subscribed to Josh’s One Flip System because he breaks it down and makes it easy to understand and use.”
~ Scott Benedict

“Thank you so much for this fantastic class! I am forever grateful! You have been such a great “professor” with a fabulous team!”
~ Jan Elliott

“This is a great program and well worth the fee… I learned a great deal!”
~ Al Castro

“I had my share of trying other courses and ending up frustrated and nothing to show for. THIS IS THE BEST.”
~ Anna Estes

“I am extremely thankful to be part of this program. Your plan has changed my financial future!”
~ Darel Long

“This is unbelievable! The marvelous reality is that he also answers our questions, giving us tools to work on our own success. I love the course. It is priceless! ‘Thank you’ to Josh and the dedicated team in all of their work.”
~ Margaret Justinich

Chrissy Morrison was a teacher who got into real estate because she needed a change. Using the 5-step process, laid out in ONE Flip… she closed 6 deals in her FIRST year… matching her YEARLY salary on a SINGLE deal… and is now on pace to do 2 high-profit deals PER month.

Michael Johnston had his home and business ripped away from him by Hurricane Katrina. At rock bottom, he got into real estate to rebuild his life… yet the “guru” advice failed him over and over. Then… he followed the ONE Flip process… and pulled in 575K in his first year… WHILE working full-time as a physical therapist.

Teddy Slack worked in environmental waste cleanup. He got into real estate on accident, after acquiring a disaster property for $1. Teddy saw the profit potential, and wanted a predictable, repeatable process for generating deals. After meeting Josh, he flipped 21 houses in his first year. Recently, he closed a deal for 250K profit and is on pace to net 1 million this year!