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  • Finding Deals… With ZERO Marketing Budget!
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  • The Secret Sauce
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  • Hands-Free House Flipping
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  • The Property Launch Formula
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  • The “No Stress” Close
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  • Plus… all the forms, documents, and process maps I PERSONALLY use in my own multi-million dollar real estate business!
"Many investors think big real estate profits are out of the question. $40k+ profits are NOT out of the question. I have subscribed to Josh's One Flip System because he breaks it down and makes it easy to understand and use."
~ Scott Benedict
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"Josh is the man! Everything he teaches you is worthwhile. The house I bought was in Lundy, MA. I spent $98k on it, put $48k into it, and sold it for $229,000! Thank you for the education!"
~ Qwesi McCray
"I had my share of trying other courses and ending up frustrated and nothing to show for. THIS IS THE BEST."
~ Anna Estes

Why ONE Flip Is The Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For:

  • ONLY program that makes BIG PROFIT FLIPS step-by-step simple!
  • Allows you to close deals WITHOUT cash or credit!
  • No real estate license or previous experience required!
  • Act with FULL CONFIDENCE, as you’re following a proven system… that works for NEWBIE INVESTORS in 100s of MARKETS!
  • Get ALL the hard work Done FOR YOU by real experts, so you can enjoy true TIME FREEDOM! (I’ll teach you HOW)
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  • Change your life with your FIRST 40-60K+ Deal!
  • Repeat the process as many times as you want, to CRUSH ALL your income and lifestyle goals!
  • NEVER feel “alone” as our WORLD
  • CLASS SUPPORT is dedicated to helping you SUCCEED! (That’s why we have HUNDREDS of Success Stories!)
"I am extremely thankful to be part of this program. Your plan has changed my financial future!"
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"This is unbelievable! The marvelous reality is that he also answers our questions, giving us tools to work on our own success. I love the course. It is priceless! 'Thank you' to Josh and the dedicated team in all of their work."
~ Margaret Justinich

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