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YES! This is the same formula I’ve used to rake in over 1.9 MILLION DOLLARS… in the last 2.5 years… in about 10 hours per week… without putting ANY of my own cash or credit on the line!

YES! It’s the same formula my high-end coaching students have gladly paid up to $60,000.00 to have me walk them through… with LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS...

YES! This formula has literally allowed hundreds of REAL ESTATE ROOKIES to flip high-profit houses in spare time hours… creating lives FULL of FREEDOM…

And today, you aren’t “just” getting INSTANT ACCESS to this ENTIRE formula… for the LOWEST price ever(by FAR)…

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Introducing: The ONE Flip Formula Home-Mastery Program!

Here’s what you’re getting today: INSTANT ACCESS to a SPECIAL EDITION digital program, where I break down my PROVEN ONE Flip formula... into a series of short, EASILY-digestible, step-by-step instructional videos.

In these videos, I literally cover EVERYTHING you need to know about flipping high profit houses… in spare time hours… WITHOUT using ANY of your own cash or credit.

So whether you’re looking to flip your FIRST house… or your 50th… all you gotta do is go through the video training, follow the instructions EXACTLY as I lay out… then be AMAZED once you start closing deals and cashing LIFE-CHANGING checks!

Because these videos are meant to serve as an INSTRUCTION MANUAL for YOUR brand-new highly-profitable property flipping business!

They’re designed to take you from ROOKIE… to REAL ESTATE ROCK STAR… in the shortest amount of time possible!

And as you go through the training, you gain the ability to:

Find Dozens (EVEN HUNDREDS) Of Penny-On-The-Dollar Properties… In Minutes… Using Just Your Laptop Or Smartphone!

The days of struggling to find deals are OVER.

You don’t have to go knocking on doors… printing out expensive postcards… or “cold calling” motivated sellers.

Because technology has made it stupidly simple to find AMAZING high-profit real estate deals from the comfort of your own home… using just your laptop or smartphone.

And in the ONE Flip Home-Mastery Program, I’ll give you step-by-step instructions for finding these deals in ANY market.

(And no, you’re NOT restricted to just “where you live.” Some of our students use this formula to flip houses VIRTUALLY… in various markets up to 3000 miles away!)

Because these DEALS are literally everywhere.

Get this: over 192,000 properties were flipped last year alone. And nearly HALF of those flips all came from this ONE type of deal.

And now, you’ll become a MASTER of finding these deals… in your spare time… with ZERO marketing expense.

But “finding” the deals is only PART of what’s covered in the ONE Flip Home-Mastery Program.

Because as you go through the step-by-step training, you’re also learning...

How To Close These Deals… WITHOUT Using Any Of Your Cash Or Credit, By Tapping Into $200 Billion INVISIBLE BANK Funding!

“Finding” deals is one thing. But in order to actually PROFIT from these deals, you need to have your FUNDING in place.

After all, it takes CASH to close!

And lack of funds is the #1 problem that keeps most aspiring investors from EVER getting any deals done.

But that’s NOT going to be a problem for you.

Because when you go through the ONE Flip Home-Mastery Program, I show you how to get ALL the funding you EVER need… WITHOUT using your own cash or credit… and WITHOUT begging the banks or anyone else for a loan.

It’s easy… once you know the secrets of tapping into the INVISIBLE BANK… the underground, 200 BILLION DOLLAR funding network, full of private investors who will literally BEG you to take their money… and use it on YOUR deals!

And as you go through the training videos, you’ll become part of the ELITE #1 of investors who know how to access this underground funding.

Because I give you the step-by-step playbook… and show you how to leverage OTHER PEOPLE’s WEALTH… to QUICKLY create your own.

Oh… and the best part about it is…

This is ASSET-based funding. Meaning you, your finances, your credit score… that’s all an AFTER-THOUGHT.

You don’t have to be some expert negotiator to get access to this funding…

All you gotta do is bring the RIGHT kind of deals to the table… and let those deals do all the talking FOR you.

I’ll show you exactly what to do and say to get ALL the funding you need… even if you’re brand new to real estate.

But with unlimited funding at your disposal, you won’t stay “new” for long… because as long as you APPLY the ONE Flip Formula, you’ll have the opportunity to close more deals in your FIRST year than most “investors” do in a lifetime!

(One of my students flipped 21 houses in his first year!)

So now… we’ve found deals… we’ve funded those deals (using other people’s money)...

Next comes the FUN PART.

Because inside the ONE Flip Formula Home-Mastery Program, I also show you…

How To Turn “Deals” Into “PROFIT…” By Getting OTHER People To Do All The Actual “Work” FOR You!

The beauty of the ONE Flip Formula… is that it removes most of the actual “work” usually involved with flipping houses.

Instead of having to become an expert in every area, I’ll teach you how to leverage the skills of ACTUAL experts… and get them to do all the hard work FOR you!

THIS… is the KEY… is creating a life filled with TIME FREEDOM.

It’s HOW I’m able to flip 4-6 houses PER month… while RARELY ever putting more than 10 hours per week into my business.

Because I’m able to outsource all of the actual work!


  • My contractor handles all the repairs, so I NEVER have to swing a hammer or tear down a single piece of sheet rock.
  • My title company handles the close, so I’m never bogged down with piles of tedious (and confusing) paperwork.
  • My realtor handles the actual SELLING of the property, so I’m able to flip houses for MAXIMUM PROFIT… without ever worrying about getting “stuck” with a deal.
  • ALL I have to do… is put these different “pieces” in place… oversee the process… and collect consistent, 40-60K+ checks on each deal.

And inside the ONE Flip Home-Mastery Program, I’m going to walk you through setting up your very own Automated Property Flipping Machine.

I’m going to show you exactly who to hire…

(Best part is, you’ll only “pay” them out of the profits… while KEEPING the lion’s share.)

And exactly what to give them to ensure they do an AMAZING job for you.

Because I’m going to walk you through my PROVEN “secret weapon” processes…

Like… the “No Stress” Closing Checklist… which you’ll hand to your title company, to ensure a FAST, hassle-free close every time.

And… our Proprietary Property Launch Formula, which our realtors use to create a FRENZY of qualified buyers… allowing us to sell houses at-or-above market value… in as little as 90 minutes!

(I promise: you’ve NEVER seen anything like it. And this one formula alone is worth well over 10K… as it’s literally produced MILLIONS for my students and I.)

These PROVEN processes are some of the best-kept secrets in ALL of real estate.

Once you have them (and the step-by-step instructions on how to USE them), you’ll understand why so many ROOKIE INVESTORS have gotten such life-changing results from ONE Flip.

And right now, you have the opportunity to secure INSTANT ACCESS to the entire ONE Flip Home-Mastery Program… at the lowest investment EVER!

Which means… in just MINUTES from right now, you can begin going through the training… and acquiring the unique skillset for finding, funding, and flipping properties for HUGE profits… in your spare time… on a tiny (or even nonexistent) budget!

In just minutes from right now, you can begin a new life FILLED with all the financial and time FREEDOM you’ve EVER wanted.

In just minutes from right now, you can be working towards an actual BIG PROFIT deal…

And as you’ll learn, when you do things the “ONE Flip Way...”

ONE deal is all it takes… to change everything.

Because once you get that deal done…

Once you create that “cash cushion” that allows you to STOP worrying, and START living… there’s no limit as to what you can accomplish.

Some of my students prefer to flip a house or two each year… and enjoy an easy, stress-free living.

Others are more ambitious… and choose to do 8-10 deals a year, so they can quit their jobs, travel the world, and live in ABUNDANCE.

Others… even have their sights set on SEVEN-FIGURES.

There’s no right or wrong answer.

ONE Flip is about giving you the FREEDOM to choose.

It’s about helping you build a lifestyle around the things YOU find important.

It’s about handing you the CONTROL… to spend your days doing WHAT you want, WHEN you want, with WHO you want, from WHERE you want… WITHOUT having to worry about how your bills are getting paid.

The ONE Flip Formula, in the right hands, is literally LIFE-CHANGING.

But until today… learning this formula required a significant investment.

Investors have willingly paid me up to $60,000.00… to have me personally coach them through this system.
Students who have gone through the ONE Flip Group Mentoring program… laid out between 1-3K to learn these secrets.

Yet today… you can learn those SAME secrets for FAR less.

Less than $997.

Less than $697.

Even less than $497.

When you join the ONE Flip Home-Mastery Program today, you get access to the ENTIRE formula… for just a single payment of $297.

Over a year, that breaks down to 81 cents per day. Less than the cheapest gas station coffee… for something with the proven to unlock UNLIMITED earning potential for you.

And since this is a Home-Mastery program, you can learn these secrets… at your own pace!

Some people will fly through the entire training library in a weekend. Others will take their time to digest the material.

Either way is fine.

Either way is RISK-FREE.

Because when you enroll in the ONE Flip Home-Mastery Program today, you’re fully protected by a…

30 Day FULL Satisfaction
No Questions Asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Take 30 full days. Go through all the training. Internalize everything.
And I GUARANTEE, you will be absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the clarity you receive.

You’ll be AMAZED by how simple ONE Flip makes flipping high-profit houses.

You’ll be absolutely CERTAIN that ONE Flip is the ONE system you can rely on to churn out life-changing checks, over and over again, for the rest of your life.

Because if there’s ANY doubt in your mind (or you’re dissatisfied for ANY reason whatsoever), all you gotta do is shoot me an email within those 30 days for a quick, no questions asked refund of your investment.

So you have literally NO WAY to lose here!

In fact, the only way you CAN lose… is if you let this opportunity pass you by.

So… I’m going to incentivize you to TAKE ACTION!

I REALLY want to add YOUR name… and YOUR story… to the HUNDREDS of lives that have been transformed by the ONE Flip Formula.

I want to turn you into a SHOCKING SUCCESS… who lives a life full of TOTAL FINANCIAL AND TIME FREEDOM…

I want to turn you into a raving testimonial of my ONE Flip Formula…

And when others see all the incredible results ONE Flip has gotten you…

When they see the CASE STUDIES of all the BIG PROFIT deals you’ll have closed within the next 6 months… I want them to become INSPIRED to join the ONE Flip program, just like you did today.

Of course… this only happens once you go through the training… and APPLY the formula.

So… to give you that extra little motivation… to give you that extra little push… I’m offering you…

A $1,000.00 “First Flip” Celebration Bonus!
And yes… this is EXACTLY what it sounds like.

All you gotta do is go through the training and apply the ONE Flip Formula…

Then, once you use that formula to generate your first BIG PROFIT flip…

Just send me a short video case study, walking me through the details of the deal…

And I’ll send YOU… a $1,000.00 check… to CELEBRATE your success!

So… in addition to the 40-60K… or whatever amount your first ONE Flip deal brings you…

You have ANOTHER 1K of MY MONEY to look forward to!

Because I’m literally PAYING YOU to implement my proven system.

Hell, I’m literally PAYING YOU… to go out there and create the LIFESTYLE you’ve ALWAYS wanted.

Because ONE Flip gives you the ability to unplug your alarm clock… and leave it unplugged forever. You’ll have NO USE for it.

ONE Flip gives you the ability to leave your nagging boss behind forever. Because now… you’re the boss.

YOU determine when you’re going to work… how hard you’re going to work… from where you’re going to work… if you even choose to work that day at all.

With ONE Flip, there’s no more “punching the clock.”

There’s no more grueling 12 hour days.

There’s no more relying on OTHERS to determine whether or not you’re “worthy” of a raise.

Because with ONE Flip, you gain complete control of how much money you make. Want more? Simply do more deals… using the SAME repeatable process!

And while you’d EXPECT that kind of control to come with a hefty price tag… it doesn’t.
At least, not today.

Because ALL it takes to change your life with ONE Flip is a one-time investment of $297.

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You also have an additional $1,000.00 BONUS coming your way as soon as you complete your first deal!

People say I’m “CRAZY” to offer this… but I don’t care.

I want to sleep easy at night, knowing I’ve done EVERYTHING possible to make this a complete no-brainer for you.

I want to do whatever it takes to put the ONE Flip Formula in your hands. Because I KNOW this program has the power to change your life… just like it has for hundreds of others.

But obviously, I can’t make this kind of generous offer forever.

I’m making this offer today in order to encourage ACTION TAKERS. But if you were to leave this page and come back tomorrow, there’s no guarantee the same offer will still be here. The investment could double… or even TRIPLE by then!

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Be Daring,
Josh Cantwell
Strategic Real Estate Coach

P.S. As you fill out the order details on the next page, double-check and make sure you spell your name right! That way… I know who to write your $1,000.00 check to as soon as you complete your first BIG Profit Deal using the proven ONE Flip Formula!

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