The Property Launch Formula

Download this Property Launch Formula Checklist… And Learn How To Sell ANY House At (Or Above) Market Value… In As Little As 90 Minutes!

Many investors fear “getting stuck with a property.”

I get questions all the time: “But Josh, what if it doesn’t sell?”

Well, that’s not a certain my students have.

Because we use a proprietary process I call The Property Launch Formula… to sell nearly ANY home… at or even ABOVE market-value… in as little as 90 minutes.

This formula is PROVEN. I use it on ALL my deals. And I put together a nice little ONE PAGE CHECKLIST that shows you EXACTLY how this formula works.

Oh, and the best part? You can simply hand the checklist to your realtor, and have THEM run this formula FOR you!

So make sure to download your Property Launch Formula checklist now!


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