Property Launch Formula


Remember 2008-2010 when the real estate market was in the dumps and selling a house was super SLOW?

Back then you couldn't just put a house on the MLS....

Houses just weren't selling....

So my team and I got really creative and we started doing PROPERTY LAUNCHES.

And when houses weren't selling at all to anyone we were consistently flipping houses and selling them in 90 minutes or less.

In this Property Launch Formula Video Training you'll see:

  • How to create a buyer's bidding frenzy to sell your properties for top dollar.
  • The proper way to execute a Property Launch
  • How to sell even the most difficult listing or flip
  • How to have your real estate agent do 96% of the work for you
  • Discover how to create a BRAND NAME in the market that everyone recognizes using Property Launches

Launching a house and finding the buyer is THE MOST EXCITING part of the Flipping process.

You'll love this.

By the way, you can see the entire One Flip System, including the property launch formula, on this free class I'm hosting this week.

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