Why Private Investors Want You All in at 65% of ARV:


It doesn't matter who you talk to... wholesalers, rehabbers, landlords, private lenders, banks, hard money lenders... they all want about 30% equity in a property.

There are a lot of reasons why we teach our students to buy and flip at 70% of the ARV.

In this training video you'll discover:

  • Why private lenders want you to be all in at 70% of the ARV or less
  • How to protect yourself by buying and renovating at 70% of ARV
  • Why rental lenders and bridge lenders want a 70% loan to value
  • How to get deals at 70% with no money down
  • You'll also see 5 of my students' flips where they were all in at 70% of the ARV
  • Don't over pay...there are lots of deals at 70%
  • Don't listen to the realtors who tell you there are no deals and you have to increase your bid

Be Smart. Follow our systems and training. Invest at 70% or less.

Watch this video and leave your questions or comments below.

By the way, on the One Flip Training Masterclass that I'm hosting this week, I'll teach you exactly how to find these properties and flip them at 70% of the ARV with none of your own cash or credit.

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